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Best Paper Awards 2018

Superior Paper Award goes to the IDS

The best papers presented at previous years Tire Science and Technology Conference were honoured at this years conference with the Best Paper Awards 2018. 

Stehanie Kahms of the IDS was announced winner of the Superior Paper Award for her paper Experimental Investigation and Simulation of Aircraft Tire Wear, that was discribed as follows:

Quasi-steady abrasion tests are performed using tread block samples from an aircraft tire and the mass loss of the rubber sample is recorded. Based on these measurement data, a wear model is derived as a function of coefficient of friction, contact pressure, and sliding speed. The classic brush model forms the basic for the wear simulations which is extended by the abraison calculation. Tire wear is determined for load and slip conditions by use of the quasi-steady wear maps derived from the experiments.


Matthias Wangenheim gave the presentation and accepted the Award form Awards Commitee Chairman Barry Yavari.