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IWPMA 2019

International Workshop on Piezoelectric Materials and Applications in Actuators in Lyon

The IWPMA (International Workshop on Piezoelectric Materials and Applications in Actuators) 2019 was organized by INSA in Lyon, France.

The IDS participated in the following contributions (lecturer):

  • Analysis of the energy flows during ultrasonic wire bonding (Yangyang Long)
  • Anatyical Modeling on a Surface-Bonded Type Piezoelectric Transducer with Longitudinal-Bending Coupling Vibration (Liang Wang)
  • Effective cavitation generation with non-sinusoidal waveform excited by multi-modal ultrasonic transducer (Takeshi Morita)
  • Experimental investigations on parallel ultrasonic assisted low temperature sintering process (Henning Seefisch)
  • Identification of the Effect of Ultrasonic Friction Reduction on the Stick-Slip Transition in Dry Metal- Elastomer Contacts (Christian Nowroth)
  • Investigation and enhancement of spatial resolution of measuring grid points with air-coupled ultrasound for NDT of panel materials using the re-radiation method (Andreas Schmelt)
  • Investigation of ultrasonic cavitation on peening inner surfaces of holes (Fushi Bai)
  • Modal parameter comparison of 3D-printed and CNC-machined titanium ultrasonic sonotrode (Gabriel Ertz)
  • Operation and Control of an Ultrasonic Actuator in Anti-resonant Mode (Jens Twiefel)

The Workshop was well attended with approximately 150 participants (Picture:
The upcoming workshop in 2020 will take place in Nanjing, China.