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New DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) Measuring Instrument

Instron Electropuls E3000

This new measuring instrument grants users the ability to run dynamic tensile tests in any desired sequence inside the following parameters:

-        max total stroke: 60mm (0Hz up to about 6Hz), less for higher frequencies: about 0,12mm at 100Hz

-        static range of force: -2100N up to +2100N

-        dynamic range of force: -3000N up to +3000N

-        temperature range: room temperature up to +350°C

-        frequency range: static up to about 200Hz

Sequences may contain preset displacements, expansions, forces and temperature curves. Curve progression of respective factors may be chosen as desired. 

Alternatively data sets to specify a profile that needs to be run may be read by the device. In addition to the total displacement the expansion of a sample along its length may be measured and recorded.

Geometric limitations of specimen geometry are as follows:

-        max specimen length: about 550mm (without thermic analysis) and about 250mm (for thermic analysis)

-        clamping: width: about 20mm and thickness: about 12mm (otherwise the specimen may be individually clamped and fixed)