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der Tribology Frontiers Conference 2015

Die von der STLE organisierte Tribology Frontiers Conference 2015 fand vom 25. bis 27. Oktober in Denver statt. Am 25. Oktober hat Herr Martin Zimmermann in der Surface Session seine Arbeit mit dem Titel Effect of Surface Texturing on Friction of Elastomeric Seals in Pneumatic Applications vorgestellt.


In recent years surface texturing was established as a technique to enhance the performance of tribological systems; e.g. friction, lubrication and load capacity could be influenced positively. The new technique was applied to components like mechanical face seals and piston rings. However, only limited knowledge exists about the influence of surface texturing on elastomeric seals. We investigate how different textures influence the friction of dynamic elastomeric seals with simulation tools and experiments. Surface texturing affects the adhesion friction as well as the viscous friction component of the dynamic seal friction. Adhesion friction is dependent on the real area of contact between seal and counter surface, which as a matter of course is influenced significantly by surface texturing. Furthermore, surface textures can influence the formation of a lubrication film positively by altering its fluid flow and by providing lubricant storage. We developed simulation tools to predict the influence of a textured seal surface on the adhesion as well as the viscous component of the dynamic friction for different operation conditions; i.e. sliding velocities and contact pressures. In addition, we experimentally measured friction forces of rod and piston seals with different textures for pneumatic drives. A reduction of friction could be obtained by texturing. Simulation and experimental results are compared and limitations of surface texturing are discussed.