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Northern-German Mechanics Colloquium 2015

The 135th Northern German Mechanics Colloqium was held on January 31st, 2015 in Hannover University's main building.

The Departments of Mechanics from Hannover and Kassel had extended their invitations to various interesting presentations and panels as part of the Mechanics Colloquium 2015.

About 100 professors and junior scientists from all over northern Germany had come to Hannover to participate in this event.

After an introduction by Prof. Jörg Wallaschek and Prof. Peter Wriggers, the first series of presentations started with contributions from Sebastian Zeller, Alexander Sapotnick and Dr. Jacob Laborenz, all scientists currently researching in Hannover.

Old acquaintances were met and the departments' current research debated during the following coffee break. The second series of presentations had been organized by the Kassel University department of mechanics. Stephan Lange, Prof. Hartmut Hetzler and Prof. Olaf Wünsch, spontaneously replacing Martin Lübke ho had fallen ill, all spoke.

Afterwards, Prof. Erwin Stein presented the Hannoveranian functional model of Leibniz' famed calculator to adoring viewers in the Lichthof. 

The information-packed day found its appropriate end in Marienwerder, were visitors had the chance to see one of the largest great wave flumes in the world, as well as to pay a visit to the only recently completed center for load-bearing structures.

We would like to thank Sven Scheffler and Dr. Stefan Schimmels for the tours through their respective research institutes. We would also like to thank Linus Pole for selflessly organizing the colloquium.