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Apprenticeship training at IDS

The Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research is offering a three-and-a-half-year apprenticeship training program in industrial mechanics with the focus on precision engineering. The in-house training is served at joint workshop premises run by the Institute of Continuum Mechanics (IKM), the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (imes), and the Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research (IDS). At IDS, the training takes place in our metal workshop which is equipped with high-quality five-axis CNC machines with integral CAD/CAM software and other most interesting machines. The wood workshop and the electrics workshop is supervised by our partner institutes imes and IKM. The working atmosphere is characterized by a lively exchange between all workshop members. As the training program is conjointly run by three institutes, the prototypes manufactured for research purposes as well as the maintenance and expansion of test setups can be on a more versatile level. Possible fields of work range from medical to mechanical engineering applications, providing apprentices with many fascinating insights during their training program.

Key topics of the training program

  • Basic mechanical skills such as drilling, filing and sheet metal forming
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Working with CNC machines
  • Welding

Time schedule

  • Duration of apprenticeship training: three and a half year
  • 1st year: in-house training plus two days vocational school weekly
  • 2nd and 3rd year: in-house training plus one day vocational school weekly

Other specifies

  • In-house university CNC training courses
  • External welding courses
  • Theoretical training additionally to workshop training
  • ·        Close cooperation with students and engineers


  • Interest in technical issues
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Interest in mathematics, physics, and chemistry
  • Clean and accurate working style
  • Manual skills



   Thomas Bannasch

   Precision Engineer/Head of Metal Workshop

   Telefon:  +49 511 762- 4124
   E-Mail: bannaschids.uni-hannover.de




   Stefan Düring

   Precision Engineer/Deputy Head od Metal Workshop

   Telefon: +49 511 762- 4124

   E-Mail: dueringids.uni-hannover.de


Please address your application to:

Institut für Dynamik und Schwingungen

Z. Hd. Thomas Bannasch

Appelstraße 11

30167 Hannover