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Laboratory Mechatronics I

The laboratory Mechatronics I is a joint event of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the faculty of Electrical and Computer Science. The experiments are carried out during the summer term in groups of max. four students. The laboratory consists of eight sessions. The experiment “Surface friction measurements“ is carried out at the Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research.


The anti-skid systems is the first driver assistance system, and an indispensable component of modern vehicles. It helps to maintain the steerability during emergency braking and to reduce the braking distance by optimal use of the contact force in the tire-road contact. Within the Laboratory Mechatronics I real friction characteristics are recorded at the Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations Research with our Portable Friction Tester. Afterwards the results are evaluated with an anti-skid controller programmed in MATLAB/Simulink.


For information about the registration process, use this link.


During the summer term, the laboratory “Surface friction measurements“ takes place on Tuesdays from 14.15 to 18.00h at the Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research.

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Dr.-Ing. Matthias Wangenheim
Dipl.-Ing. Stephanie Kahms