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Students' Theses

Supervision of internal student theses at IDS

Theses topics are available at IDS, ground floor of Appelstr. 11 as well as on the electronic black board of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Supervision of external student theses at IDS

  • Thematically, your work must be in accordance with the research areas and expert competencies of IDS, so that we are able to provide competent assistance and support.
  • For accepting the supervision of a Master’s thesis, completion of a top-grade Bachelor’s thesis or the successful employment as student research assistant at IDS is required.
  • Before getting started on your thesis, the framework conditions between the company and IDS have to be stipulated. Not till then, the topic will be issued. Generally, every thesis will be publicly accessible afterwards. In case of exceptions, objective and comprehensible reasons must be given.
  • In a preliminary talk at IDS, the topic has to be presented to make sure that it is in compliance with the scientific standards stipulated in the examination regulations. Participants of the talk will be the student, the supervisor at IDS and the company’s supervisor. The talk is supposed to take place in good time before start of the student’s project.
  • The topic will be issued by the examiner of IDS. It may be based on a draft provided by the company.
  • The company must guarantee for a continuous supervision of the student’s project. The company’s supervisor must be constantly available as contact person and comment the written composition.
  • After about half the time allowed for completion of the thesis, the work status has to be presented at IDS. At the end, a final presentation has to be made.
  • The thesis will be graded by the examiner based on an evaluation sheet of IDS, also considering the assessment of the company’s supervisor.

Please send an email to externeids.uni-hannover.de with your request for supervision of an external thesis together with your transcript of records, a first draft of the topic, specifying in which research area you would like to write your thesis at IDS.