IWMPA 2013

IWMPA 2013

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Characteristics of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters in Autonomous Systems 

Al-Ashtari, W. Hunstig, M. Hemsel, T. Sextro, W.

Fabrication and Investigation of Free-standing Piezoelectric Thick-film Cantilevers for Energy Harvesting Applications 

Bai, Y. Meggs, C. Button, T. W.

Organic, Flexible, Piezoelectric Composites for High Temperature Applications 

Baur, C. Priya, S. Smith, D.W. Jr.

Minimizing Environmental Impacts of Autonomous Power Supplies 

Benecke, S. Nissen, N. F. Lang, K.D. 

Stress Distribution and Durability of Pre-Stressed Piezoelectric Multilayer Actuators 

Bruns, P. Mojrzisch, S. Twiefel, J. 

Extended finite element simulation of stationary dynamic cracks in functionally graded piezoelectric solids 

Bui, T. Q. Zhang, C. 

Proposal and Development of Ultrasonic Motion Control Mechanism 

Cheng, T. Gao, H. Bao, G. 

Feasibility Study for Small Scaling Flywheel-Energy-Storage Systems (FESS) in Energy Harvesting Systems 

Ertz, G. Twiefel, J. Krack, M. 

Acoustic Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 

Friend, J. 

Domain orientation controlled KN family piezoelectric materials with hydrothermal powders 

Fujiuchi, Y. Maeda, T. Morita, T. 

Dielectric and Leakage Current Analysis of Li doped NBT-BT Single Crystals 

Gurbuz, M. Dogan, A. 

Effect of the Excess PbO on Densification of Electrospray Deposited Pb(Zr0.52 Ti0.48)O3 Thick Films 

Gurbuz, M. Sakurai, H. Kuromitsu, Y. Dogan, A. 

A Polishing Vibrator Using Bending and Longitudinal Vibration Modes and Its Applications 

He, Q. Liang, L. Hao, Z. Zheng, L.

Friction Induced Vibrations for Energy Harvesting Applications 

Heffel, E. Hagedorn, P. 

Reliability Analysis of Ultrasonic Power Transducers 

Hemsel, T. Bornmann, P. Morita, T. Sondermann-Wölke, C. Sextro, W. 

An S shape Inchworm Piezoelectric Motor Pre-stressed by an Adaptive Guider 

Huang, W. Wang, Y. Zhang, S. Pan, S. 

Effects of PMN Volume Fraction on the Damping and Piezoelectric Properties of Epoxy Resin Based 1-3 Piezoelectric-Damping Composites 

Huang, S. Guo, X. Xu, D. Cheng, X. 

High-Velocity Slip-Slip Operation of Piezoelectric Inertia Motors – Experimental Validation

Hunstig, M. Hemsel, T. Sextro, W.

Observer Based Damping of Overtones Generated by the Nonlinearity of Ultrasonic Systems 

Ille, I. Mojrzisch, S. Twiefel, J. 

Flexible Aluminium Nitride/Polyimide Piezoelectric Material for MEMS Applications 

Jackson, N. Keeney, L. Mathewson, A.

An Explicit Multi-grid Algorithm to the Air Intake Annulus of the Airflow Resonant Piezo-electric Generator 

Jianyu, C. Hejuan, C. 

A Piezoelectric Cantilever Beam with Adaptive Natural Frequency 

Karadag, C. V. Topaloglu, N. 

Design of a junction in noncontact ultrasonic transportation system 

Kashima, R. Murakami, S. Koyama, D. Nakamura, K. Matsukawa, M.

Optimum Design of a Cantilevered Unimorph Beam with Piezoelectric in Vortex Shedding 

Kim, C. Kwon, Y. H. Lee, M. R. 

Condition of Micro Droplet Generation by Using an Ultrasonic Torsional Transducer and a Micropore with Tapered Nozzle 

Kishi, T. Murakami, T. Kiyama, Y. Kanda, T. Suzumori, K. 

Rotational broadband Energy-Harvesting-Unit based on a combination of piezo – and magnetoelectrics 

Kleyman, G. Twiefel, J. Wurz, M. C. 

Optical Lens Array with Variable Focus Length and Pitch Using Acoustic Radiation Force 

Koyama, D. Hatanaka, M. Nakamura, K. Matsukawa, M. 

A multi-source, microcontroller based energy management system with off-the-shelf components 

Kröner, M. Prabhakar, R. Woias, P. 

CHEW: A Compact Harvesting - Energy Windbelt 

Kumar, K. M. Soumya, N. S. Iyer, M. S. Prabhakar, T. V. Jamadagni, H. S. Kumar, S. D. N. Ranjith, J. N.

Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation for Piezoelectric Actuator Based on Transformer 

Li, S. Li, H. Zhang, B. 

Ultrahigh superelastic and actuation strains in BaTiO3 crystals by reversible electromechanical domain switching 

Li, F. Li, Y. Ren, X. Luo, H. Fang, D. 

Low Rolling Resonant Frequency From Coupled Rolling Magnet Spheres 

Lin, J.-T. Walsh, K. Alphenaar, B. 

New Direction for Ultrasonic Cutting 

Littmann, W. Müller, T. 

Piezoelectric applications of hydrothermal (K0.48Na0.52)NbO3 ceramics 

Maeda, T. Bornmann, P. Hemsel, T. Morita, T.

Optimization of nondestructive quality control of wood panels by using refracto-vibrometry

Marhenke, T. Hasener, J. Twiefel, J. 

Model-based design and implementation of a tool for ultrasonic-assisted turning 

Möhlmann, A. Twiefel, J. 

Phase Controlled Frequency Response Measurement and Operation of Piezoelectric Systems at High Vibration Amplitudes 

Mojrzisch, S. Twiefel, J. 

Vibration Frequency Adjustment of Resonant Ultrasonic Transducers by Switching Converter Impedance Variation 

Mojrzisch, S. Weinstein, M. Twiefel, J. 

Study on near-field acoustic levitation by multi-mode ultrasonic transducer 

Mutou, M. Morita, T. 

Non-contact mixing and dispensing of droplet using ultrasonic levitation 

Nakamura, K. Nakamura, R. Tanaka, H. 

Ultrasonic friction reduction in sealing contacts: Characterization and reaction of system at loading positions 

Pham, T. M. Twiefel, J. 

Numerical Modeling of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices 

Ravi, S. Zilian, A. 

Energy Harvesting Patents 2012 

Roth, J. Twiefel, J. Wallaschek, J.

Simulation Based Approach to Identify Temperature-Temperaturedependent Material Parameters of Piezoceramics 

Rupitsch, S. J. Ilg, J. Lerch, R. 

Bond Quality Investigation of Ultrasonic Assisted Composite Casting 

Saalbach, K.-A. Freytag, P. Kerber, K. Twiefel, J. 

Low-Power Energy Harvesting Solutions for Wiegand Transducers 

Saggini, S. Ongaro, F. Corradini, L. Affanni, A.

Design and Implementation of the Wideband Tunable PZT Energy Harvester in Power Generation Plant in Malaysia 

Salleh, H. Resali, M.S.M. Shaker, M. D.

Tuning of a Vibration Absorber with Shunted Piezoelectric Transducers 

Salloum, R. Heuss, O. Mayer, D.

Piezoelectric cellular polymers as sensors or air-borne ultrasonic transducer: Property adjustment by foam- structure and geometry variations 

Sborikas, M. Wegener, M. 

Designing Arrayed Piezoelectric Unit for Harvesting Pavement Vibration Energy 

Sun, C.-H. Shang G.-Q. Zhang, Y.-K. Du, J.-H. 

Study on Torque Generation of the Ultrasonic Motor using a High-Speed Microscope 

Takaoka, M. Mashimo, T. Terashima, K. 

Noncontact Ultrasonic Dispensing of Small Droplet Using Hole on Reflector 

Tanaka, H. Wada, Y. Mizuno, Y. Nakamura, K.

Nano-Positioning Stick-Slip Motors: Numerical Simulation and Performance Improvements Using the Method of Reduction of Dimensionality 

Teidelt, E. Nguyen, H. Fatikow, S. Popov, V. 

Amplified piezoelectric actuator for cryogenic applications 

Traianidis, M. Martic, G. Lardot, V. Cambier, F. Yan, A.M. Paquay, S. Borbouze, C.

Power Harvesting Using Textured PMN-PT Crystals 

Tufekcioglu, E. Poterala, S. Dogan, A. Messing, G. L.

Piezoelectric Tactile Sensor using Multisine Excitation for Differentiation of Biological Tissues and Phantoms 

Uribe, D. O. Schoukens, J. Wallaschek, J. 

Excitation of Elliptical Trajectories in a Langevin Bending Type Transducer 

Vasiljev, A. P. D. Mazeika Borodinas, S. Yang, Y. Wang, Y. Zhang, J. 

Focusing Piezo-mechanical Actuators for Acoustic Levitation 

Vasiljev, A. P. Struckas, B. A. 

Investigation of Heating Problem in a Langevin Piezoelectric Actuator 

Vasiljev, A. P. D. Mazeika Borodinas, S. Yang, Y. Lu, X. Peng, H. Zhang, Q.

A transfer matrix method for the design of resonant piezoelectric devices 

Wurpts, W. Bruns, P. Twiefel, J. 

Piezoelectric Equivalent Circuits and Finite Element Model Order Reduction 

Wurpts, W. Twiefel, J. 

Evaluation of Piezoelectric Materials for Transducer at Ultralow Temperature 

Yamaguchi, D. Kanda, T. Suzumori, K. 

Flexible Supporting and Fixing Method for Hybrid Ultrasonic Motor Using Longitudinal and Torsional Vibration Modes 

Yang, L. Zhao, C. 

Piezoelectric Fiber Composite Acoustic Wave Sensors 

Yin, C.-C. Wu, Y.-C. Hsu, S.-M. 

Modeling of Hybrid Piezoelectrodynamic Generators 

Zessin, H. N. Mateu, L. Spies, P. 

Simulation Analysis of the Piezoelectric Microgenerator Based on Vibration Induced by Sound 

Zou, H. Chen, H. 

Maximizing the Output Power of a Piezoelectric Generator from the Admittance Measurement by selecting the Rectification Technique 

Mateu, L. Zessin, H. Spies, P. 

Autoresonant Excitation and Control of Non-Linear Mode for Ultrasonically-Assisted Machining 

Babitsky, V. Li, X. Meadows, A.

Piezoelectric Active Bearings and Supports: Structures, Characteristics, Applications 

Bansevicius, R. Kulvietis, G.