List of persons of the Institute for Dynamics and Vibration Research

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Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Wallaschek
 Jörg Wallaschek  Jörg Wallaschek

Group Leader

Dr.-Ing. Stephanie Kahms
 Stephanie Kahms  Stephanie Kahms
Dr.-Ing. Lars Panning-von Scheidt genannt Weschpfennig
 Lars Panning-von Scheidt genannt Weschpfennig  Lars Panning-von Scheidt genannt Weschpfennig
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Tatzko
 Sebastian Tatzko  Sebastian Tatzko
Dr.-Ing. Jens Twiefel
 Jens Twiefel  Jens Twiefel
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Wangenheim
 Matthias Wangenheim  Matthias Wangenheim

Research Staff

Rebecca Berthold, M. Sc.
 Rebecca Berthold  Rebecca Berthold
Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Bothe
 Steffen Bothe  Steffen Bothe
Markus Brase, M. Sc.
 Markus Brase  Markus Brase
Katharina Brinkmann, M. Sc.
 Katharina Brinkmann  Katharina Brinkmann
Hannes Fischer, M. Sc.
 Hannes Fischer  Hannes Fischer
Alwin Förster, M. Sc.
 Alwin Förster  Alwin Förster
Jonas Alexander Heidelberger, M. Sc.
 Jonas Alexander Heidelberger  Jonas Alexander Heidelberger
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Hindemith
 Michael Hindemith  Michael Hindemith
Florian Jäger, M. Sc.
 Florian Jäger  Florian Jäger
Martin Jahn, M. Sc.
 Martin Jahn  Martin Jahn
Mirco Jonkeren, M. Sc.
 Mirco Jonkeren  Mirco Jonkeren
Gleb Kleyman, M. Sc.
 Gleb Kleyman  Gleb Kleyman
Arne Leenders, M. Sc.
 Arne Leenders  Arne Leenders
Dr.-Ing. Yangyang Long
 Yangyang Long  Yangyang Long
Christian Nowroth, M. Sc.
 Christian Nowroth  Christian Nowroth
Martin Paehr, M. Sc.
 Martin Paehr  Martin Paehr
Dipl.-Ing. Ilja Pletner
 Ilja Pletner  Ilja Pletner
Klaus Schlesier, M. Sc.
 Klaus Schlesier  Klaus Schlesier
M.Eng. Andreas Schmelt
 Andreas Schmelt  Andreas Schmelt
Lukas Schwerdt, M. Sc.
 Lukas Schwerdt  Lukas Schwerdt
Yongyong Zhu, M. Sc.
 Yongyong Zhu  Yongyong Zhu

Assistant Lecturers

Dr.-Ing. Jonas Böttcher
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunnar Gäbel
 Gunnar Gäbel  Gunnar Gäbel

Administrative/Technical Staff

Thomas Bannasch
 Thomas Bannasch  Thomas Bannasch
Jens Bsdok
 Jens Bsdok  Jens Bsdok
Stefan Düring
 Stefan Düring  Stefan Düring
Daria Otto, M. Sc.
 Daria Otto  Daria Otto
Charlotte Schulz
 Charlotte Schulz  Charlotte Schulz


Fabian Bergmann
 Fabian Bergmann  Fabian Bergmann
Jonas Garbe
 Jonas Garbe  Jonas Garbe
Simon Pierre Moritz
 Simon Pierre Moritz  Simon Pierre Moritz
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