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The tutorial is a joint project of the institutes imes, imr, IFW and IDS. Aim is to provide basic knowledge on Matlab/Simulink. Active exercises take place in the faculty’s CIP pool at 5 dates. An additional class is offered, where students may do free exercises assisted by tutors. The participation in the tutorial is confirmed after attendance of all classes and submission of obligatory homeworks. The tutorial covers the following topics:


  • Introduction
  • Programming
  • Processing of measuring data
  • Multibody systems and vibrations
  • Basics of automatic control

Previous Knowledge

Concerning the topic "Programming", basic knowledge as obtained within the scope of an IT internship is required.  As to the topic "Basics of Automatic Control", basic knowledge gained from the lecture "Automatic Control" is necessary. In addition, knowledge gained from the lecture "Multibody Systems" is recommended.


Registration as well as current information on the tutorial can be found on the web pages of the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (imes).

Contact at IDS: Dipl.-Ing. Wiebold Wurpts