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Laboratory Mechatronics II

The laboratory Mechatronics II is a joint event of the Institute of Automatic Control (IRT), the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (imes) and the Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research (IDS). The experiments are carried out in groups with max. four students. Before the start of the laboratory sessions, every student has to pass a written preliminary exam assessing the required basic knowledge. Finally, depending on the subject area, one experiment has to be described and documented in detail. The laboratory consists of eight sessions where a total of four mechanical and four automatic control experiments is carried out.


The mechanical experiments include the topics:

  • Floating ball – realization of a magnetic bearing (KUG) (IDS)
  • Single-axis robot – position control and identification of a robot axis (ROB) (IfR)
  • Modal control of an elastic structure (MOD) (IfR)
  • Single DOF magnetic bearing – state-space control of a magnetic bearing (MAG) (IfR)
  • Tuning fork – piezoelectric shunt damping (Piezo) (IDS)

The automatic control experiments include the topics:

  • Control of a variable structure system using the high-level real-time programming language PEARL (REP) (IRT)
  • Process interfaces using fieldbus technology (CAN) (IRT)
  • Discrete-time control of an unstable system (WIP) (IRT)
  • Modelling and control of a mechatronic system using the example of a double pendulum (DOP) (IRT)


For an online registration, use this link.


During the summer term, the laboratory sessions take place on Tuesdays from 14.15 to 18.15h and during the winter term on Thursdays from 14.00 to 18.00h in the laboratory premises of the respective institute (see experiments above).


Dipl.-Ing. Gabriel Ertz (Verantwortlicher Institut für Dynamik und Schwingungen)