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Dr.-Ing. Lars Panning

Head of dynamics of rotating machinery Research Group
Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research
Appelstraße 11
30167 Hannover
room: A453

fax:+49 511 762 - 4164

Bild von Dr.-Ing. Lars Panning-von Scheidt

Scientific Career

  • 1991-1998 Studies of Mechanical Engineering and Economics at Hannover University
  • 1993 Pre-degree Mechanical Engineering
  • 1995 Pre-degree Economics
  • 1998 Diploma Mechanical Engineering
  • since 1998 Research assistant at the Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research (former Institute of Mechanics)
  • 1999 honoured with the Dr.-Jürgen-Ulderup award
  • 2005 Doctoral thesis entitled 'Design of Friction Dampers for Vibration Reduction of Turbine Blades'
  • 2007 Senior engineer at the Associated Institutes of Mechanics
  • since 2007 Head of the group 'Dynamics of Rotating Machinery'
  • since 2008 Lecturer for special tasks (Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben)


  • Modelling of turbine blades with friction contacts
  • Innovative damping concepts for rotating structures
  • Development of mistuning and reduced order models (ROM)
  • Friction and contact modelling
  • Damping of structural vibrations


  • Winter term: Lecture Multibody Dynamics
  • Winter term: Auxiliary exercises Engineering Mechanics II / IV
  • Summer term: Lecture Nonlinear Vibrations
  • Summer term: Auxiliary exercises Engineering Mechanics I / III
  • Winter / summer term: Revision courses Engineering Mechanics
  • Winter / summer term: Approval of external exams
  • Winter / summer term: Organization of teaching issues