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Piezoelectric and Ultrasonic Technology

Our research group can rely on long-term experience in the realisation of research projects. Since we are covering a wide spectrum of research topics in great depth, we can offer you outstanding expertise and competence in our specific field of research. As one of our trademarks, we are combining profound theory with application-oriented practice which is running like a golden thread through all of our research topics:

  • Dynamics of resonant structures
  • High-power ultrasonic technology
  • Piezoelectric drives
  • Driving and control concepts
  • Energy harvesting with piezoelectric transducers
  • Piezoelectric actuators and sensors

In our systematic way of working, we are always looking at the (mainly mechatronic) systems in their entirety, considering interactions between domains and focusing on functionality. Supported by our profound experience, we can always follow the most efficient approach without losing track of the essential.

In those cases, where commercial software is insufficient for system calculation, our research group is developing its own software programs. During the last years, several calculation programs for vibration systems have been developed, especially adapted to the specific requirements of piezoelectric and ultrasonic systems.

Control and power electronics can also be designed and developed as tailor-made solutions for specific applications. In this way, various resonance controls and power amplifiers have been developed in the past.

Our Service

We are handling publicly funded research projects as well as projects coming directly from partners in industry, these projects representing half of our work. A target-oriented way of working and a strictly confidential handling of the project results can be taken for granted.

Our services comprise solutions for all stages of product development:

  • Consulting
  • Concept studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Test rig design and setup
  • Design and realisation of functional models
  • Basic research work
  • Creation of (electro)mechanical models
  • Fault analysis

Our cooperation can be of most different kinds, lasting for some days or several years:

  • Small-scale projects
  • Publicly funded projects
  • Medium- and long-scale cooperation

In addition, we are glad to assist you with the selection of the type of project and with its approval.
Thanks to our excellent test equipment and the large experience of our institute, experimental analysis, also on site, has often been the beginning of a long-lasting partnership. Moreover, we are able to deal with new problems in a minimum of time.


Dr.-Ing. Jens Twiefel

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Fax: +49(0)511/762-4164
E-mail: twiefelids.uni-hannover.de