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The institute is working on a vast variety of publicly funded projects. These are e.g.:

  • AG-Turbo:

    • Damping determination in coupled rotor blades
    • Optimisation and robust design of coupled bladings
    • Innovative damping methods for last stage gas turbine blading
    • Interpretation of tipshroud-couplings

  • Basic research on process interactions in case of high-frequency vibratory tools used for soil cultivation (DFG)
  • Basic research on ultrasonic levitation bearings with high bearing force and small size (DFG)
  • Basic research on wedge-wedge bonding mechanisms (DFG)
  • Combined ultrasonic/magnetic levitation guidance (DFG)
  • Combination of shape memory alloys and piezo elements for vibration damping (DFG)
  • Integral process model for ultrasound-assisted cutting of stone (DFG)
  • Minimisation of vibrations of cutting punches by the use of piezo actuators (DFG)
  • Mistuning of aerodynamically and structural-mechanically coupled bladings (DFG, FVV)
  • Mouldtex (EU)
  • Process chain to produce hybrid high-performance components by tailored forming, Subproject A3 (SFB 1153)
  • Reduction of breakaway force in pneumatic cylinders by the use of ultrasonic waves (DFG)
  • Regeneration-induced mistuning (SFB 871)
  • SPP Projekt: Calm, Smooth, Smart
  • Tactile displays for virtual reality applications (DFG)
  • Ultrasound - assisted composite casting (DFG)
  • Transient effects on hydraulic seals (DFG)

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