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Dynamics of Rotating Machinery

The research group Dynamics of Rotating Machinery deals with the following research topics:

  • dynamics of rotating machinery
  • vibration behaviour of tuned and mistuned bladings
  • description of nonlinear coupling elements
  • models for contact problems with friction
  • contacs with gaps and separation
  • time/frequency domain solutions (e.g. multi-harmonic balance)
  • reduction methods and mistuning
  • transient blade vibrations
  • damping measurement
  • optimisation and robust design of nonlinear coupled systems
  • innovative damping concepts like eddy-current or piezoelectric damping
  • experiments at standstill and in a rotating system
  • continuous theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches
  • development of numerical methods and simulation software suitable for industrial applications

Information on our research activities concerning turbine blade vibrations can be found in the flyer that can be downloaded here (pdf, 0,9 MB).


Dr.-Ing. Lars Panning-von Scheidt

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Fax: +49(0)511/762-4164
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