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Kohärente Methodologie zur Modellierung und zum Entwurf weicher Roboter – Die Soft Material Robotics Toolbox (SMaRT)

Coherent Methodology for Modelling and Design of Soft Material Robots – The Soft Material Robotics Toolbox (SMaRT)

Team:  Prof. Annika Raatz, Mats Wiese
Year:  2019
Funding:  DFG
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Robots made of soft materials offer high flexibility. The compliance of the material leads to increased adaptability that classic robot systems cannot offer. Suitably developed robots can conform to their environment without causing any damage to the robot, the environment or the objects to be handled. Soft robots thus offer advantages in industrial human-robot collaboration and gripping technology. In addition, soft robots can also be used in medical technology, for example, to reduce the risk of damaging the surrounding tissue during minimally invasive procedures.

However, with increased flexibility also comes new challenges. To date, no methodology exists for the targeted development of soft robot systems. Systematic synthesis of soft robotic systems requires appropriate tools for modeling system behavior. Large elastic deformations and nonlinear material behavior must be considered when modeling system behavior.

The goal of this project is to develop modeling methodologies for soft robotic systems and to provide the necessary and missing tools for the targeted and straightforward development of these novel robots. The main focus of the project are pneumatically driven arm like soft robotic structures. We aim for modeling methodology that builds on a seamless description of the kinematics, statics and dynamics of soft robot systems. The match is particularly concerned with the field of kinematic and static modeling, especially in the contact case, as well as motion planning and design optimization based on this.

Pneumatically driven soft actuator. System setup - modeling - control