Turbomaschinen für Hydrogen Technologien (TurboHyTec)

Turbomachinery for Hydrogen Technologies (TurboHyTec) - Project proposal approved

We are pleased to announce that the project proposal "TurboHyTec_RDAK: Robust Damper Design and Analysis of cascade flows" has been positively reviewed. It will start on Oct 10th, 2023 with a duration of 3.5 years. It is part of the collaborative research project AG Turbo - Turbomachinery for Hydrogen Technologies (TurboHyTec). At the IDS, research is being conducted into future turbomachinery designs for flexible operation with a rather unknown excitation spectrum due to the use of hydrogen as a working medium. For this purpose, a
combined numerical-experimental approach is proposed, in which so-called
multi-resonances under realistic operating conditions under rotation will be investigated. Here, the focus will be on a simultaneous excitation and interaction of several vibration modes excited by different speed harmonics from a multifrequent excitation spectrum.