Research Projects "Friction and Tribology"

Kontaktmechanik und Reibung

  • Innovation Ecosystem to Accelerate the Industrial Uptake of Advanced Surface Nano-Technologies (NewSkin)
    The Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations (IDS) is working as part of the EU-funded project “NewSkin” on the creation of an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB). The aim of this OITB is to accelerate the industrial uptake of modified surfaces by providing the necessary technologies, resources, and services for the efficient and cost-effective production of components with nano-enabled surfaces.
    Led by: Dr.-Ing. Matthias Wangenheim
    Team: M. Sc. Mirco Jonkeren
    Year: 2020
    Funding: EU
    Duration: 01.04.2020-31.03.2024
  • Pattern Mechanics in Lab 2
    The aim of this research project is to use new test methods to describe in detail the factors influencing contact between car tires and a hard-pressed snow track, on ice, wet ground and asphalt. For this purpose, the test rig developed at IDS in the previous project " Realistische Profilklotzmechanik im Labor" will be used to specifically investigate various hypotheses on force transmission between the tire tread block and the road surface using specially designed tests.
    Led by: Matthias Wangenheim
    Year: 2023
    Duration: 01.04.2022-31.03.2023