Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research Studies Lectures
Aeroakustik und Aeroelastik der Strömungsmaschinen/ Aeroacoustics and Aeroelastics of Turbomachinery

Aeroacoustics and Aeroelastics of Turbomachinery

Event formVorlesung und Übung



The lecture provides an introduction to the issues of aeroelastics and aeroacoustics in turbomachinery and other kind of machines, e.g. wind turbines. Effects relevant for the design and safe operation, such as flutter, forced vibrations, sound generation and transport, are the central topic of the lecture. On the one hand, the fundamentals necessary for understanding the interactions that occur between structure, flow and sound are taught. On the other hand, practical topics like possible procedures for the investigation of aeroelastic and aeroacoustic phenomena are dealt with. The lecture is aimed in particular at students with an interest in future-oriented, interdisciplinary issues in power engineering machines, such as aircraft engines, wind turbines, gas and steam turbines.


  • Basics of aeroacoustics
  • Sound generation and transportation
  • Aerothermoacoustics
  • Basics of aeroelastics
  • Aeroelastic effects (flutter, forced vibrations, acoustic reonance)
  • Stability and design criteria
  • Damping characteristics (aerodynamics and structure)
  • Mistuning (structure and aerodynamics)
  • Experimental tests (methodology and equipment)
  • Discussion of the effects using the example of a turbo machine