Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research Studies Lectures
Technische Mechanik IV/ Engineering Mechanics IV

Engineering Mechanics IV/ Theory of Vibrations

The lecture is aimed at students of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, production engineering / logistics, energy technology and nanotechnology and as the elective Technical Vibration Theory at students of electrical engineering.


It will be offered by IKM in the summer semester 2020.

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An introduction to the technical vibration theory is given. Mechanical oscillators and oscillation systems that can be described by linear differential equations are treated. The aim is the representation of vibration phenomena such as resonance and damping, the determination of the time response of the oscillators as well as investigations on how this time response can be changed in the desired way.

The relation between mechanical engineering and control engineering are shown.
Free and forced oscillations with a degree of freedom (undamped and damped) as well as multiple degree of freedom systems and continua are treated.


  • Introduction in the fundamentals for the description of vibrations
  • Undamped and damped vibrations of systems with one degree of freedom
  • Forced vibrations with harmonic and periodic excitation
  • Vibration systems with several degrees of freedom (resonance and tuned mass absorbers)
  • Vibrations of unidimensional continua (rods, beams)
  • Approximation methods

Previous knowledge

Literature and working materials

Lecture and exercise materials as well as the exam collection of the last exams with sample solutions can be found under the respective course in Stud.IP.

  • Lecture notes
  • Lecture hall exercise
  • Lecture handout
  • Problem set
  • Collection of formulas of IDS/IKM

Further Literature:

  • Magnus, Popp: Schwingungen, Teubner-Verlag. 
  • Hauger, Schnell, Groß: Technische Mechanik, Band 3: Kinetik, Springer-Verlag.
  • Hagedorn: Technische Mechanik, Band 3: Dynamik, Verlag Harri Deutsch.

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