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Fahrzeugquerdynamik/ Vehicle lateral dynamics

Vehicle lateral dynamics

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The lecture imparts practical knowledge about the vehicle dynamics of motor vehicles and the influencing components. First of all, theoretical basics for modelling and describing the linear lateral dynamic range are taught. Using suitable driving tests, methods for describing linear driving behaviour and target conflicts in vehicle development are demonstrated and discussed. The main topics are the steady-state and transient linear lateral dynamic transmission behaviour. In addition, an introduction to lateral dynamic non-linearities is given using the example of the chassis-tire characteristic interaction. The limits of the previously discussed linear model assumptions are presented and various fundamental influences of the chassis tuning and tire characteristics up to the lateral adhesion maximum are illustrated and discussed.

The lecture includes illustrative application examples from driving tests in the vehicle and tire industry.    


  • Linear single-track model
  • Steady-state skid pad testing
  • Unsteady steering behaviour
  • Yaw control (ESP)
  • Non-linearities of motor vehicles and their influences
  • Stationary and transient vehicle performance assessment
  • Components of the chassis and their cross-dynamic characteristics
  • Creation of non-linear cross-dynamic models for passenger cars

Literature and working materials

All downloads related to the lecture and exercise will be provided via Stud.IP.    


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Lecture and exercise dates

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Dr.-Ing. Jonas Böttcher
Lecturing Staff
Dr.-Ing. Jonas Böttcher
Lecturing Staff